Brit determined to clean up countryside

Tabernas campaign sparks nationwide project against fly tipping

Julian Phillips (right) with Tabernas mayor Jose Díaz, and inset, rubbish in the Tabernas desert

By Emma Randle

An expat’s mission to clear rubbish from the Tabernas desert has ballooned into a potentially national clean-up campaign in a bid to stop dumping in river beds and beauty spots.

Julian Phillips first started clearing rubbish from the dry river bed near his house two years ago, after being “fed up” of seeing it on his daily dog walk.

Since then he has enlisted the support of Tabernas mayor Jose Díaz Ibañez, the Junta environmental delegate for Almería, Rosa Mendoza, and other official bodies, creating an international not-for-profit association, P3 Ambiental, dedicated to “protecting, preserving and promoting” nature and the environment.

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