Almeria is alive with the sound of music

City council praises ex-pat inspired music open day and library initiative while calling on Junta to fund project

Almería mayor Ramón Fernández Pacheco and councillors with orchestra association president Mercedes Oliver (left) applauding the performers

By Emma Randle

Hundreds of musicians gathered in El Toyo, Almería last Saturday to take part in an open day hosted by the Almería city orchestra to celebrate the launch of a new music library and European music day.

The event, spearheaded by the orchestra’s British conductor Michael Thomas, and expat music patrons Colin and John Whyman, aimed to show off the province’s classical music ensembles and inspire and attract public support.

A new library for the use of young musicians, donated by Messrs Whyman, was also inaugurated, with a visit from Almería mayor Ramón Fernández Pacheco who announced a council motion to apply for regional government funding for the orchestra.

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