Brits vanish with cash for beer company

How did a proposed brewery get €800,000 of tax payers’ money in Berja with no guarantees?

A photo taken this week of the land where the brewery was to be built

By David Jackson

By David Jackson

Plans to build a €14 million brewery in Berja have reportedly been abandoned after greenhouses are being built on the land put aside for the project.

Now questions are being asked over what happened to an €800,000 grant given to the company after the expats behind the project appear to have vanished.

Business partners John James McEvoy and Patel Ketan Svjibhai formed a company called the Compañía de Cervezas de Almería SL, and in 2010 persuaded Berja council to back their project, despite environmental concerns over the amount of water the company would need to extract from a nearby well, and where it would dispose of used water.


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