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Whether you are reading the local newspapers, browsing social media or google, or tuning into the local radio stations, there are certainly no shortage of Financial Advisers, but how do you know which one to choose?

As many of you will likely know, Chorus are certainly not Spain’s longest established firm, in fact, far from it. Chorus was set-up very deliberately as an alternative to those firms. We entered an industry that we felt had little care for client outcomes and was purely focussed on how much in fees, hidden or otherwise, could be extracted from Brits living in Spain. From our point of view, the very foundations of good quality advice – transparency and suitability – were about the last thing many of the established firms in Spain cared about.

Chorus began life with a clear goal; to offer the best service, the highest quality financial solutions, and all of that had to be coupled with transparent, fair fees, that were fully justifiable.

To do this, however, we really had to explain to the public how the industry works. Regulation isn’t all that strict in Spain, and that can mean people are tied into products with high, often hidden fees, and in many cases, inappropriate or low-quality underlying investments. We felt our first job was to properly explain how fees and commissions work, how common products like SIPPs, QROPs, Spanish Compliant Bonds can be of benefit in some cases, and not in others. We have now been doing this for many years, we’ve won major international awards for our efforts, and I believe that along the way we have educated many 100,000s of Brits in Spain.

So why are Chorus different? Well, myself and the Chorus team have been lucky in that we have been able to keep full control of Chorus and to always work to those initial goals we set. Although we operate under a major European financial services network, Aisa International, Aisa also share our aims and goals and have always fully supported, and indeed encouraged, our transparent, client-focussed approach.

Unlike many in the industry, our business model is focussed on developing long term relationships with our clients, rather than obtaining high up-front commissions or fees. Over the years this has allowed us to grow a large, happy, and loyal client base, giving us as a company incredible long-term security whilst allowing us to fulfil our client’s goals and desired outcomes.

Whilst we might not be the largest, or indeed the longest established firm out there, we would like to think that our approach makes us the best, and hopefully our ever growing list of happy clients would agree!

If you would like to discuss your investment or pension requirements, please give me a call on 693 107 044 or email t.storer@chorusfinancial.es




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