Special nightlife measures ‘for three weeks’


The special measures affecting nightlife announced by the national government on Friday to crackdown on the spread of Covid-19 will be in force for 21 days in the Valencia region, according to councillor for health Ana Barceló.

Sra Barceló stated last night that the regulations will be published in the official bulletin of the Valencia region (DOGV) today and will enter into force from that moment.

The measures agreed by all regional governments with the ministry of health include the closure of nightclubs, discothèques and nightspots with dance floors.

Bars and restaurants around the country can only open until 01.00 (1am).

Additionally, people will not be able to smoke anywhere outdoors unless they are two metres away from other people.

Full report on the regulations published in the DOGV in Friday’s Costa Blanca News – available from supermarkets, tobacconists/newspaper shops and online at www.costa-news.com 





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