Public health rules outlined for the ‘new normality’


The government has approved measures which will cover public health safety when the state of emergency comes to an end on June 21.

The Royal Decree was passed in a Cabinet meeting today and the government will now seek the green light for the rules in Parliament.

In a press conference which has just finished government spokeswoman María Jesús Montero outlined the measures, which include an extension of the current obligation to wear a face mask in public places.

Citizens will have to wear a mask when they cannot guarantee keeping at least 1.5 metres away from other people.

Anyone breaking the rule could face a fine of up €100.

A full report on the measures will appear in Friday’s Costa Blanca News.


Read more in this week’s print edition or go to e-paper


  1. Well I guess I can finally cancel my Spain holiday for August..
    I was in 2 minds but that’s sealed the deal..
    No masks on holidays…
    If Spain were really interested in peoples health then they need to do it across the board and not allow the sale of fatty food, ice cream, cigarettes or alcohol.. (which would of course be stupid ).
    Because statistically the risk of dying of heart disease, cancer or stroke is like 500 times more than coronavirus..
    Time everyone wised up!


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