Speeding electric scooters

January 21
This morning in Calpe, I stepped out of Arte cafe and felt this gust of wind go past me, not two inches from my body. A young man riding an electric scooter, carrying his blonde friend on the pavement, doing in excess of twenty kilometres an hour, not stopping and disappearing into Apollo 7.
This is the second time in two weeks this has happened to me, before I came out of Mercadona and a young man whizzed past me, not stopping or slowing down and only a hair’s breadth away from a pretty bad accident.
This is a warning to anybody shopping in Calpe, that these scooters are dangerous and scary; and how long before somebody gets hurt very badly.
Can the council, or police put out a speed restriction on them when they insist on using the pavement, or stop them from riding them on the pavement, please think about the elderly population we have and make our pavements safer for them.
Margaret Carney

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