Menu del dia ‘catch’


February 6

I have been enjoying meals of the day in Spain for some 20 years but last Tuesday was the first time I have come across this ‘catch’. I hope I won’t again.
The meal of the day my wife and I had gone out to enjoy was at Jávea’s well regarded La Boheme, hitherto on of our favourite restaurants.
Apart from the ‘catch’ it was an excellent meal. The ‘catch’ came from my wife’s choice of starter. She choose the mussel dish. Our server drew her attention to the dish being spicy and asked if she would prefer her mussel dish to be less so. My wife said she would. That was our only diversion from the meal of the day. We greatly enjoyed our lunch. Then, with the bill, came the costly ‘catch’.
Because my wife’s mussel dish was not on the meal of the day, we were charged a la carte prices for all the dishes of her lunch. If this considerable price difference had been confined to the dish not on the meal of the day menu I would have found this acceptable but to have it arbitrarily applied to the whole meal is in my judgement a very unacceptable ‘catch’ that smacks at sharp practice.
We failed to get the restaurant to consider the fairness of our contention.

Bernard King

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