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The controversial Lliber plan Photo: Jalón town hall

September 21

Dear Editor,

The controversial Lliber plan Photo: Jalón town hall

Samantha’s brief report adequately summarises the current situation of the complaint against the urbanisation by VAPF and the Llíber council. Until now the impact of the story has been limited to the local public (Marina Alta). Our interest in the Salvem la Vall citizen platform is to amplify the situation at a national and international level.

After the economic crisis of 2008, a citizen movement has developed in the valley against this type of unsustainable territorial model (with the proliferation of isolated villa developments). The paralysis of some villa developments in Parcent was the climax of the movements, with the development of another way of making people think (Parcent Doctrine), with the approval even of the European Parliament, as far as the response went.

At the moment, we are witnessing the thawing of the same dynamics that we have seen before with the years of the real estate bubble (administrative corruption, excessive urbanisation,…). This has triggered a citizen movement that integrates both the local population and foreigners residing in the area. This is really new, in the dual society model of the Marina Alta (and in other lifestyles of foreign migration destinations).

With the satisfaction of verifying common points of view on the assessment of this type of urban developments, we remain in contact.

All the best
Luis Galiana

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