It’s nearly crunch-time


August 8

The weight of betrayal, duplicity, and contempt for the ‘people’, is likely to trigger the second biggest upset following the referendum – itself the biggest ever participation of voters to declare their wishes for a specific end result. Would that be the result of our Brexit negotiations? No. Something more earth-shattering than that. The next general election results.
Normally, one cannot foretell the future … but in this case? An act of political suicide and the demise of a political party are in the making.
Weak governments survive in the short term by demonstrating power, and strongly bring to bear that power on dissenters. They make deals, offer status ranks or ‘perks’, and demand loyalty from the peoples’ representatives (and sometimes from Cabinet Ministers too!), and – to coin a phrase –‘whip’ them to obedience. Especially if they are unhappy about proposals or ideas under consideration. Governments, who smother or ignore the opinion of senior lawmakers, and or, constituents, do so at their peril.
Why do they do it? Is it to defend their belief that the ‘people’ were wrong to meddle in the future direction of our country, or in this case, our status in the world. Or to reject out of hand, as irrelevant, what the public want – particularly when they show a preference in how they wish to be governed, and by whom? Or is there some more sinister reason? Rather puzzling that toothless, albeit destructive civil servants, and not experienced businessmen and women, are part of Brexit talks. Odd also, that a chief negotiator enjoys no power or authority in his task.
Once again, the voice of the people will speak out. They will decide how we shall live our lives. It’s nearly crunch-time. Not too late to undo the damage of the Chequers option, or any other option though. Not too late to save a political party either. And only one person can do that. But, will a General Election be too late?

Derek M Staples
A puzzled 86-year-old retiree

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