Satellite dish reception problems


August 3

Could anybody tell me what has happened to English TV, received through a 2.4-metre satellite dish.
Since May/June I have lost most of the main channels i.e. BBC, ITV, Channels 4 + 5, although I can sometimes get the last two, at times.
We have a Pace receiver on one television, which on test says the signal is fine – but none of the main channels are on it. On another television there is a Freesat receiver, which has no signal at all. On the Freesat box I can get – at times – Channels 4 + 5, 5Star, E, More4+1, and other channels that I don’t want.
I have checked the LNB to see if it was clear, and the dish is not too dirty. I know that Channel 4 HD left Freesat ,as they were charging too much, but it doesn’t explain what has happened to the others
Hope someone can tell me what has happened, as I have had to resort to watching catchuptv on the internet, which keeps losing the signal and I miss all the endings!


Dear Margaret
We have consulted with Digital Satellite Services company (see page 19 of our Living pull-out) and they have ensured us there have been no recent changes in the reception. You may require an engineer to have a look at your set-up.

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  1. most likly the coax has UV aged and let water in to corrode the cable. If its cracked replace. Other than that LNBs do fail and loose gain or dish has moved off alignment in strong wind. 2.5 dishes sometimes have an open ended LNB that spiders love to built nests in. Check to see if you can see the 2 antenna elements inside (if its an open type)

    If all else fails get a sat man in with a meter.


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