Puppy love

The future is bright for a litter of greyhound pups in Turre after their mother guided rescuers to their birthplace

Mother and pups are safe and sound at Turre Clinivet after their ordeal (photo Ibizan Hound Rescue)

By Emma Randle

Ten puppies saved by their resourceful mother are doing well at a vet in Turre, after the dog led rescuers more than two miles to find them.

The incident happened earlier this month when the abandoned mother greyhound was rescued from wandering the streets of Vera with a broken leg by Lianne Powell, who took her to Turre vet Ellen Sobry.

They noticed that as she was producing milk she must have recently given birth.

They took her back to where she was found, put her on a lead then followed her through the countryside to an abandoned car with a litter of 10 new born puppies inside.

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