Brexit and immigration


Punta Prima
March 11, 2018

Tom Draper and Sue Wilson appear to be on the same page regarding Brexit. As they don’t live in the UK, it is difficult for them perhaps to grasp the situation there. Uncontrolled immigration (introduced during the Blair era) has resulted in demand outstripping supply in almost every area of life; requiring queueing for road space, hospital bed, housing*, schooling, etc, etc. Add to that, the ‘net contribution’ that the UK makes each year to the undemocratic and unaudited EU and one can understand immediately why the UK voted for Brexit.
As I understand it, the rights (and responsibilities) of EU citizens and British citizens living outside the country of their birth have already effectively been secured. Theresa May is now treading a narrow path as neither aggressive bulldog nor rollover (Blair again?) poodle.
Had the EU given David Cameron the UK the right to control immigration when he asked for it, then perhaps we would not be in the current situation. Hindsight, as ever, is a wonderful thing.
I fully concur with the letter from N J Whiteside.
*At one time local councils were encouraged (by EU ‘handouts’) to favour incoming migrants over local indigenous population vis-a-vis social housing. I cannot say whether this is still the case. Can you appreciate the emotions this raises, particularly when coupled with stagnant or falling wage rates?

Yours sincerely
Claire Colton


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