For Everyone Who’s Suffering


February 12

Our world has changed
And our lives have changed
Like never before and families suffering
Every day and I feel your pain and our
Happiness has gone away and it’s only pain today
Hiding our tears as they fall in the rain
Saying I’m fine when I’m anything but fine
And when will this heartache ever go away
And indeed my skin is on fire
My skin is burning within me and
No more hugs or kisses today it’s
Just sadness for the world today
Coronavirus coronavirus is here
And it’s taken so many loved ones away
And loneliness really hurts you
It kills you deep inside and
I’m lost without you in my life and
The world has changed so much
Coronavirus not going away
And darkness surrounds the world
And it’s so cold and painful
And our warm hugs
Have all faded away
Just like our loved every day
And nobody to hold more and I watch
As a lonely tear rolls down my face
But I promise you all I’ll love
And pray for everyone
Who’s suffering from coronavirus
Every day.

David P Carroll.

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