Woman claims black panther sighting

Mystery of ‘one-metre’ long feline spotted in Bédar hamlet

Debby Hoogendijk took this snapshot of what she says was a panther roaming the hills outside the hamlet of La Serena

By Richard Torné

A Dutch woman on holiday in Almería got more than she bargained for last week after claiming she saw a black panther roaming close to her country house in the Bédar hamlet of La Serena.

Debby Hoogendijk, 56, took five photographs of what she says was a large black feline walking across the side of a hill some 50 metres from her property last Friday (February 3).

Speaking to CA News, she said: “It was definitely much bigger than a cat – it was about one metre long. It sat staring at me for about 20 minutes before moving up the side of the mountain and disappearing into bushes.

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