Top imam admits hardline clerics preached in Almería

Abdallah Mhanna however insists mosques are now mostly ‘under control’

Imam Abdallah Mhanna admits that a suspect cleric worked in Almería as recently as last year

By Richard Torné

The system used to appoint Muslim preachers in the province failed to prevent hardline clerics from infiltrating local mosques as recently as last year, the head of imams in Almería has admitted.

Abdallah Mhanna, a former chemistry lecturer at the university of Almería and current president of the centre for imams in the province, said a Salafist imam had worked at an unspecified mosque in the province last year.

Interviewed by La Voz de Almería newspaper, Sr Mhanna refused to name the cleric but revealed that he had “insisted” to the head of the Muslim community that no Salafist imams be hired in future.

The comments come in the wake of the terror attacks in Catalonia, which left 16 people dead and more than 128 injured.

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