Sorbas dry spring plight goes to UN

Junta condemns “negative” effects of intensive olive farming while looking to central government to provide new water supply

David Dene at a recent envronmental rally

By Emma Randle

The plight of residents in the Sorbas village of Los Molinos where the Rio Aguas natural water supply is drying up was featured in an environmental conference at the United Nations (UN) Geneva forum last week.

The village’s natural spring, which is the only source of water for inhabitants and wildlife, is gradually being depleted, allegedly due to intensive olive farming between Sorbas and Tabernas that taps into the source for irrigation.

Residents have been campaigning since 2015 to put a stop to the “slow ecocide of the Río Aguas oasis”.

International environmental activist David Dene, who lives in the village, raised the profile of the campaign last week when he included it in a presentation made at a UN ‘Earth Jurisprudence’ conference, along with other examples of ‘ecocide’ in Ecuador and the rain forests.

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