Roquetas slammed for ‘sexist’ image

New tourism promotion campaign ‘perpetuates macho stereotypes’, says opposition

Roquetas’ new tourism image, presented by mayor Amat (second from left), has come in for a roasting

By Emma Randle

Roquetas’ rebranded tourism image launched this week has been slated by critics, claiming it is “sexist”, “outdated” and “tacky”.

The new campaign, using the slogan ‘Roquetas de Mar – the sea of dreams’ was intended to focus on the town’s 16-kilometre beach as the main tourist draw, from which visitors could then discover the rest of Roquetas’ historical and cultural attractions, according to the council.

However, the main image used to launch the re-brand was that of a scantily clad girl walking along a shore into the sunset, with no identifying features of Roquetas.

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