Protests grow against Mojacar garage tax

Opposition group calls on residents to challenge council charge

Mojacar homes such as this one must now pay an obligatory tax to access their garage

By David Jackson

Protests are mounting from Mojacar residents who must now pay an annual tax to use their garages if access is over a public pavement.

Although many residents have received their tax demand in the post, the local police force are now knocking on people’s doors to personally hand over the forms for those homes whose addresses are in doubt.

Vincent Reynolds said: “Having a police car outside and two armed police officers knock on your door, for a British person, is alarming to say the least.” One Mojacar resident told Costa Almería News that he had been charged more than €900 because he had two access points, and said he already paid over €1,300 in IBI (council tax).

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