Nigel Goldman given suspended jail term

Judge describes businessman’s lies as ‘staggering’

Nigel Goldman

By David Jackson

Costa conman Nigel Goldman has been handed two suspended prison sentences after being found guilty on two counts of fraud at Reading Crown Court.

Jurors found him guilty of two counts of fraud last December 1 relating to the sale of non-existent coins over the internet totalling £10,862. He was cleared of a third count over a disputed £813.30.

Sentencing Goldman – now known as Howard del Monte – last Friday (January 8), judge Ian Grainger branded his lies as “staggering”.

Court reporters recorded the judge as telling Goldman: “You struck me at trial as a man for whom dishonesty has become second nature. Your attempts to characterise the lies as mere sales puff were staggering.”

The UK verdict came as Fuengirola court finally opened its investigation into claims he lost “millions of euros” for investors.

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  1. I am pleased to see that this journalist who previously wrote an article entitled that this person was jailed for this offence has now published the facts of this case.
    Also he has changed stance in this article. Previously he was claiming that Goldman had ‘stolen millions’ now that has been changed to ‘lost’. (In the stock markets).
    If he had stolen millions why on earth would he be bothered with 10,000 pounds?
    I was one of his original investors. There were 367 of us altogether. We all made a profit over the years, myself included. Nigel Goldman used to make a tenner a client a day from trading. That’s 3690 euro a day or 18000 + per week! It was only in the last weeks that he caught a cold in the markets and people lost out. Con Man no! Risk taker yes!


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