Motorhome clampdown in Mojacar

Police mount daily checks on camper vans while Cabo de Gata land owner complains of ‘massive illegal camping’

Mojacar local police move on motorhomes parked opposite the Día supermarket

By Emma Randle

About 10 motorhomes parked along Mojacar beach opposite the Día supermarket were moved on by local police last Friday, with at least some of them receiving fines for illegal parking.

According to a local police source, there have been a number of similar incidents as daily patrols have been targeting camper vans parked on or alongside the town’s beaches.

Police differentiate between vans parked temporarily and those who have set up camp by indications such as chairs and tables placed outside, aerials extended, and awnings erected. Mojacar by-laws prohibit ‘wild camping’ (camping outside a designated campsite) on roads, car parks and beaches in the town.

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