More people in province than ever before

Almería bucks national trend as population grows with Partaloa its fastest growing village

Almería is experiencing population growth

By David Jackson


Almería was one of only two Andalusian provinces to experience population growth last year, and one of the very few regions of Spain to do so. The figures come from the definitive population figures of last year published this month by the national statistics agency INE.

As of January 1, 2016, the official population of Almería province stood at 704,297. Over the course of 2015 the population grew by 3,086 people. The only other province of Andalucía to experience population growth was Málaga, where the population expanded by just 325 people.

Proportionally, the tiny village of Partaloa grew the most.

In 2015 Partaloa had just 673 residents, but a year later this had grown by 36 per cent to 915 residents. Two thirds of the village residents are EU nationals, mainly British – there are just over 300 Spanish nationals living there.

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