Mayor of Albox to go

Mena faces resignation while claiming council lawyer ‘unfit’ to act

Rogelio Mena has been ordered to finally step down as mayor

By Emma Randle


The mayor of Albox has been ordered to step down by a judge in Almería in the culmination of a series of courts cases for withholding of information.

A judge in Almería’s criminal court number one issued the order after the provincial high court banned mayor Rogelio Mena from holding office for two and a half years having been found guilty of withholding council information from opposition parties.

Albox council received a formal letter from the court on Tuesday, February 23, confirming the judgment given on February 12 and instructing it to hold a council meeting within 10 days at which the mayor must resign, according to Albox councillor Maura Hillen.

Speaking to CA News she said: “There is no other option now, a new mayor will have to be elected.”

Meanwhile Sr Mena, who is facing separate charges of misuse of public funds and claims of ‘cronyism’ in the awarding of contracts in 2008, continues to try to deflect the accusations.

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