Living gluten-free costs €1,200 more a year

But activities such as national coeliac day are helping to raise awareness of dietary needs

A list of gluten-free substitutes of common foodstuffs

By David Jackson

Coeliac disease sufferers must avoid gluten, a protein found in wheat and other grains, to have a normal digestive function – but a new study by the Aspeceal Association suggests buying gluten- free from supermarkets will add an average of €1,200 a year to the grocery bill.

The report was released last Friday to coincide with National Coeliac Day across Spain.

Manuel Vergara, president of the provincial Aspeceal coeliac association, said: “For us, the pharmacy is in the supermarket. Gluten-free products are simply more expensive than their gluten counterparts. So a standard gluten-free monthly shop will be around €100 more a month.”

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