Goldman investigation slammed

Critics question Spanish process after quick UK conviction

Nigel Goldman in what he claimed was his personal wine cellar

By David Jackson


The conviction of fraudster Nigel Goldman by a UK jury this month has caused lawyers and the Spanish press to heavily criticise the Spanish investigation into the conman, ongoing since 2013.

The influential ‘El Confidencial’ e-paper, in a damning editorial, was shocked by the lack of progress in Spain into the alleged embezzlement by Goldman of millions of euros.

It said: “A poker card shark accused of fraud who operated along the Costa del Sol is sentenced in the UK in just eight months. In two years, the Spanish courts have barely started their investigation”.

Since the investigation opened in 2013, Goldman’s passport has not been seized and he has not been cited to testify, according to Roberto Sánchez, a lawyer involved in the case

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