Football hooligans go on rampage in Almería

Calls for action following riot between UD Almería and Levante UD supporters

Hooligans scuffle in the street ahead of a match between UD Almería and Levante UD last Sunday

By David Jackson

Police were caught off-guard last Sunday after a planned riot broke out between football hooligans ahead of a match between UD Almería and Levante UD clubs at the city’s Estadio de los Juegos Mediterráneos.

A scuffle between two fans outside the main doors had escalated into a major incident by 15:30 hours as hard core hooligans, known as ultras in Spanish, piled into the fray to support their friends. The fight extended down nearby Ácebo avenue and Árbol de la seda street, with missiles and bottles being thrown and people being kicked to the ground.

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