Dog killed in shelter attack

Almería sanctuary targeted by thieves who made off with five animals as Rioja councillor is embroiled in separate case of alleged animal cruelty after he dumped live horse in grave

PSOE councillor Inés Plaza at the scene of the animal shelter break in

By Emma Randle

A dog was brutally killed and six others were stolen from the municipal pound in Almería city in the early hours of Sunday morning after the centre was broken into.

The attackers reportedly slit the throat of a puppy and made off with five dogs classified as dangerous breeds, as well as one other.

The Socialist PSOE party, while condemning the crime, laid the blame at the door of Almería council. It accused the local authority of not acting to secure the centre after a previous break in in May, despite calls to increase security.

Meanwhile, on the same day a horse belonging to Rioja planning councillor José Sánchez González was discovered dumped inside a two-metre deep hole after the owner had left it for dead.

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