Cabo de Gata vanity projects

Millions spent on ‘useless’ projects while day-to-day running of the park collapses, say campaigners

Although the Cabo de Gata is a magical place to visit, budget cutbacks have affected staffing and infrastructure

The regional government has been accused of cutting back on Cabo de Gata nature park services while buildings worth millions of euros lie empty because there is no budget to staff them.

No new park rangers have been hired in Andalucía since 2009, according to a question tabled at the regional parliament last week by the C’s party.

Geologist David Monge recently experienced the lack of rangers at first hand when he complained of cliff-climbers scaling the protected Arrecife del Dedo. He said: “There are no rangers on duty on the weekends, you can do what you want then.”

Meanwhile, buildings have been erected across the nature park with no apparent thought given to promoting or staffing them. The APN said: “The regional government’s policy of developing this park is nothing short of nefarious.”

Shocking examples of waste to have emerged include a two-million euro farmers’ teaching building in the Rodalquilar gold mines which never opened after it was completed in 2011.

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