A-7 drivers regularly break speed limit, says report

The A-7 motorway through Almería

By David Jackson

Drivers monitored on Almería’s main motorway, the A-7, consistently break the speed limit and are “dreadful speeders”, according to a new study by the ministry of development.

The report, commissioned by the general director of roads, says that the only main road where the speed limit is routinely maintained is the Autovía del Aeropuerto, the dual carriageway leading to Almería airport.

The department is not in charge of enforcing speed limits, but instead maintains and develops the nation’s traffic infrastructure.

Hidden speed traps were installed whose only function was to count speeding vehicles. They discovered that even on stretches of road with official speed traps, the average vehicle travelled at 124 kilometres per hour, four kilometres per hour faster than the speed limit.

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