Happy New Year to you!


Thank you for reading me during 2019, and I hope you’ll continue so doing in 2020, the rest of the new decade, and maybe beyond! When I first started writing the Costa News’ wine column, which I christened, Cork Talk, the then Editor, Peter Baker, made it clear that my remit was to ‘take off readers’ blinkers’ and introduce them to all the different, wonderful wines that are made in Spain. I jumped at the chance with a certain alacrity, and continue enjoying do so to this day.
In September 2020, I will have been hopefully achieving this for 23 years. All that time ago, there was certainly enough scope to preach about quality, as Spanish wines, particularly the reds, really were very good. Nowadays, well it’s even better! Look, for example at the rise, and rise of white Spanish wines – a truly remarkable step forward in quality terms, which now places some amongst the world’s very best.


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