Missing UK victims

Thousands of people with Covid-19 in the UK are being missed claims expert

Commuters at Clapham Common underground station, London, as train services increase this week as part of the easing of coronavirus lockdown restrictions

WHILE the number of cases in the UK rapidly approached 250,000, latest figures show more than 35,000 lives have been lost due to the virus.
However the Office for National Statistics (ONS) suggests the real figure would already be above 41,000.
The NHS is grossly underestimating the incidence of Covid-19 and encouraging infected people back to work while ignoring key symptoms, a leading expert has claimed.
Professor Tim Spector, head of the department of genetic epidemiology and leader of the Covid symptom study app at King’s College London, said 50,000 to 70,000 people in the UK with Covid-19 are not being told to self-isolate.
He blamed Public Health England (PHE) and the wider tracking strategy, saying an insistence that only temperature and cough were the major symptoms was missing thousands of cases.

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