What’s in a letter


December 23

They say you can tell a lot about a person from a letter.
Linda-Garfield: Let me guess – large expensive house in the ‘home-counties’, beautiful ‘villa’ here, new cars in both of course, and probably a yacht in the marina? Husband, ex-banker/financier, never known poverty in their lives.
Worships the god ‘Thatcher’. Well, in Dylan’s immortal words, ‘The Times They Are a’Changin’. It’s time we re-stated the dream of our forefathers when they returned from the Second World War and rejected Churchill and his cronies.
Let’s rebuild the UK from the destruction the Tories have inflicted on our country and create a land that is fair and just for everyone.
Well said, Tom and Mike, it’s good to know decent Brits still exist.
Ron Gumbleton


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