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December 26

Dear Editor,
Have to say that I was somewhat amused by your correspondent’s letter, Mike Lawson (22nd December), in which he mentioned Jeremy Corbyn and “his wonderfully unashamedly socialist Labour Party, and rebuilding a decent and fair society”! Strangely, however, he does not mention the Labour Party’s associated other “Party”, the one who call themselves Momentum. Could this be the same “Party” which uses social media to issue all types of threats, including death threats, to those who disagree with them? So much for a “fair and decent society”. What exactly is Mr Corbyn’s stance on this issue, if indeed he has one.
Is this the very Jeremy who promised to wipe out all student debt until he realised the true cost of one hundred billion pounds, a figure which would be dwarfed by the intended spending plans of the Shadow Chancellor should Labour actually win the next election (perish the thought). When they realise that their “Magic Money Trees” have developed the dreaded “Cash Dieback Disease” they may have to start looking for the “Pot of Gold” at the end of the rainbow!
Could this be the same Jeremy who chose to attend the Glastonbury Music Festival, but not Armed Forces Day, and not attend the Commemoration Day for those who lost their lives at Passchendaele? He even looked as though he did not want to be at the Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday.
And as for the mentioned problems within the National Health Service, schools, welfare transport, and of course employment, is it not surprising after a certain Tony Blair opened the borders to all and sundry, legally or otherwise? So many millions have reached Britain knowing that they will be very well treated indeed. All of the current issues are directly attributable to him and his then Labour Party. And of course Jeremy wants more of the same! Then, of course, there was no money left in the Treasury, for even the minister left that famous note verifying that fact, as if he was proud of it.
As for Brexit, Jeremy is still at the starting gate, for he and his Party have changed their stance on this thorny issue reportedly at least 100 times since the Referendum. Which way is he facing this week? And enough of the insults to those seventeen and a half million who voted for Brexit, for they knew what they were voting for, as did the others. For when the figure of the urgent need to build up to three hundred thousand houses each year is mentioned, the question is, why?
A vote for dear old Jeremy is akin to a turkey voting for Christmas! And was he not boasting that he would be Prime Minister by Christmas not so long ago!
The way in which the Labour Party is going at present, he may be just lucky enough still to be the Labour leader by Easter.
And as for the columnist Tom Draper, the correspondent Linda Garfield from an earlier letter probably echoed the thoughts of many people regarding his regularly biased viewpoints. Really, the comments he makes are all of a likeness. He just seems to dislike anyone who is not a Labour supporter, oh and not a fan of Jeremy!

N J Whiteside

Dear Mr Whiteside (and other correspondents)
We would like to remind readers that columns such as Tom Draper’s British Scene are, as you have stated, the personal opinion of the writer and do not represent this newspaper’s general stance. Of course, the same goes for the letters, which we are happy to print, providing they do not include personal attacks on fellow correspondents.

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