Warning of thing to come?


December 4
Dear Editor,
Is this the beginning of things to come after Brexit for the UK expats in Spain?
On the December 3, 2018, at Benissa clinic I was refused a blood test ordered by my doctor. Reason: I did not have the Spanish ID Card. This was confirmed by the central desk when I was given another date for the treatment on the understanding that I might obtain the ID Card. How do we get this Spanish ID Card?
My wife and I are UK expat pensioners since 2009 (I am 82) with legal residency in Spain, a renewed padrón and with the recently issued replacement Spanish SIP Cards. I have NEVER been asked for the Spanish ID before, my presenting the paper for the treatment plus my SIP card also that I am on the computer system for the treatment presented no problems.
I had no problems when I attended the Denia Hospital on November 22 & 26, 2018; so this is something that might be new as of December 1, 2018.
Have any other readers had the same requests for the Spanish ID?
William Paul A. Beaumont.


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