Think positive thoughts

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July 3

Dear Editor,

I have lived in Spain for many years and although like most people I have had some ups and downs, it has generally been a good life.

Recently I went back to the UK to see family and friends and honestly I just don’t understand their mentality, no-one is happy, no-one wants to work, they all expect handouts or most do and there is nowhere you can go without people moaning.

Even trying to get to the UK you have to think, will the trains run? will you get stuck on the M25 with the Just Oil lot?

I think most of us are in general so lucky that we can live our lives in peace, buy food and we don’t starve like some countries. Let’s appreciate what we have, let’s get up in the morning and look at the beautiful views, go for walks and think positive thoughts.

We would all feel a lot better.

Diane Charmer


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