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June 5, 2016

Don’t normally take time to react to items in the papers; others can do a better job. However, struck me that those in power in the towns and cities cannot be living in the same world as the rest of us.
Page 8: River Segura, so little water that is now just about only mud.
Page 14: Campaign to protect holiday lettings (I don’t mind as long as they register and pay necessary taxes), worried that not enough will be built.
House near me – every year owner turns up for his holiday, and I watch in amazement as he washes the whole of the outside of his house with a hose pipe and then his car (hose not turned off when using duster).
Told me as long as he pays, he will do whatever he wants. Did try to say that when the water is gone, it’s gone (he is of course from Madrid – not sure what their water situation is).
Page 17: Water alert, reservoirs at lowest level.
Rise in the number of new building licences in the Alicante area (assume same in Valencia).
Suspect solution is that we tell the people of Cataluña that we are all Spanish and that we need the water that goes into the sea from the River Ebro.

Perplexed, Torrevieja

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