Dogs at bars? Worry about humans!


Formentera del Segura
June 4, 2016

Dear Ed
I have just read Paul Arnold’s article regarding dogs where food is concerned.
I have two beautiful rescue dogs (and they don’t smell). No, I would not personally take them into a café or restaurant. But this man obviously does not like man’s best friend.
How about having a rant about unruly children who run around restaurants screaming and shouting and their parents seem to be oblivious to this.
And what about some humans who don’t seem to think it is necessary to wash themselves or their clothes, or use deodorants, and other people have to eat, smelling their stinking, sweaty armpits.
Or men who use ladies toilets in restaurants and pee all over the floor.
Find something else to moan about and leave our dogs alone.

Jennifer Barker


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