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October 24

Dear Sir,

On reading ‘Frustrated of Costa Blanca’ in your letters page of the paper dated October 20-26, I wanted to write about our experiences with the latest AGM of our urbanisation which has just been held.

In the 20-odd years that our urbanisation has existed, the annual accounts (in excess of €100,000) presented have never been scrutinised or audited.

Great consternation resulted in a request that this be implemented and even more so when several of the expenses were queried beyond the answer that this had always (historically) been the way in which they had been dealt with.

We have a very international group of owners of which the minority are Spanish.

But invariably, due to complete lack of any protocol adhered to by the committee, most of the questions, answers, discussions and lengthy arguments take place in Spanish, which is not translated, despite numerous pleas, and then we are asked to vote on the issue.

I know there is a horizontal law of property which lays down the regulations, rules, etc, governing these issues, but I cannot find an English version anywhere.

Seeing this is the second letter you are receiving regarding problems with this subject, I wanted to suggest that perhaps you could do some research and write an article highlighting the issues and experiences of more of your readers.

I also wanted to thank you for including the articles written by John Kirby, the architect.

Would he by any chance know anything about this particular aspect of buildings and the law?
Yours sincerely


Thank you for your email. John is preparing a reply and it will go on his page (p7 Living) in next week’s paper
The Editor

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