I’m scared


September 22, 2016

Dear editor,
I’m sure you are aware of the ‘new’ cycling route that joins Albir with Benidorm through the protected Sierra Helada nature park.
I have been a regular user of this ‘new’ route for the last 10 years, both cycling and walking with my family, and I have to mention the lack of maintenance (to say the least) of this area.
Being an officially protected ‘Parque Natural’ you would think both town halls would take care of it in the sense of cleaning it (in first instance to prevent fires) and not allowing the dumping of rubble (that includes old TVs, fridges, glass, tiles, etc) and all sorts of rubbish that could become very dangerous for children on their bikes, people walking their dogs or anyone who decides to visit this ‘new route’.
The danger I’m most scared of is, of course, fire. Having so many blazes every year around us – and specially this summer – scares me to death, and makes me think if no one else can see this as a danger.
When you look up to the ‘sierra’ and see how nice and green it is, I can’t stop thinking that we only need a piece of glass and the hot sun that we have every day on us to start one horrible and scary fire.
I hope someone reads this letter and decides to do something about this matter – such as cleaning the mountain, not only the seas and beaches before taking a picture of how many kilos of dump they have recuperated from the bottom of the sea.
The mountain above these beaches is also very important to all of us, and I’d like to be able to see, one day, how clean and safe it is to walk and cycle through the wonderful Sierra Helada nature park that we have just above houses.

Albir resident

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