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December 13

Dear Editor,

I couldn’t quite believe my eyes when reading last week’s paper on the new developments around Benidorm and the Orihuela coast.

I think 20 hotels and 2,000 homes at Benidorm creating more concrete and less land for water run off on some 575,000 square metres. I’m thinking more floods here and of course on the other part of our coast in Orihuela some 159,000 square metres to be concreted over for 952 homes.

Then later on in the paper reading that the Valencian government is giving more money to prevent flooding in the Vega Baja area. There was a picture of the regional councillor standing with the mayoress of Orihuela talking about global warming and ‘gota frias’ yet planning to concrete over more of the land.

Do they really think concreting over the land is going to help with the flooding problems?

Best regards,
J Purnell

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