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December 23

I refuse to get into a cat-fight, Mike Lawson, but everyone has a right to their own opinion. Before getting off your high horse because someone dares criticise Corbyn and the Labour Party, I’d like to say a couple of things.
I agree the NHS is falling apart. Why? Because so many migrants landed on British soil, and Blair’s wife, being a lawyer, helped them remain in the country for financial gain. The migrants have used and abused the NHS for many years. Britain has been, and is, too soft on these people – either that or scared of them.
Education: So you got your university fees for free – bully for you. Who brought in the tuition fees? Blair. (Oops! wasn’t he labour?) Albeit a reasonable price that’s got out of hand.
Yes, Blair, that warmonger that cost the country billions by going to war with America – for what? I daresay the promise of a handout. He put the country into so much debt, along with his chummy Gordon Brown, that the Tories have a devil of a job to TRY and sort out the mess, as well as sorting Brexit for the good of the country.
If you want to go back further perhaps you can remember Harold Wilson. He said ‘there will be no pay rises’, then promptly put his salary up by, if my memory serves me right, 11%. (That’s Labour for you.) Not sure, but wasn’t inflation up around the 15% mark, or was that another Labour government?
Okay, let’s get back to Corbyn. He’s against all things that represent war, the safety of the country. Does he really think if Britain gets rid of Trident, it will keep the country safe? Of course not, Britain would be a sitting duck! He wants the borders open to let in more and more migrants, many of which are probably terrorists in disguise. Personally, I think the man is a communist. He’s not thinking of the British people; he’s thinking of lining his own pockets. Is that a fair society?
Margaret Thatcher wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea (personally, I liked her – she said what she meant, and usually kept to it).

Linda Garfield


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