Calpe sets swimming pool fees

Council approves swimming pool fees
Plenary approves swimming pool fees

Calpe council has approved prices for the use of the municipal swimming pool. The town hall will directly manage the facility and its services, and therefore considered it necessary to approve the prices.

Given the current demand for aquatic activities, now is the right time to set the fees for these activities in a fair and sustainable way. In terms of funding, the introduction of a fee would provide the town hall with the necessary resources to finance, at least in part, this public service.

A price of €40 per month and €100 per quarter has therefore been set for aqua-fitness classes and €35 per month, and €95 per quarter for matroswimming (baby swimming) classes. Swimming will cost €5 per day, except in July and August when it will cost €30 per month. Swimming lessons are €40 per month and €100 per quarter.

Swimming lessons for adults’ cost €40 per month and €100 per quarter. And use of the pool for group sports is €50 per month.

Fee exemptions are available to people who can prove that they are recipients of the minimum vital income or Valencian inclusion income, amongst other things.

Also exempt from payment are those who can prove that they are in receipt of a social emergency allowance from Calpe social services.

The agreement regulating swimming pool fees stipulates that if the service is not provided for reasons attributable to the town hall, the corresponding amount will be refunded.

Last May the town hall reopened the municipal swimming pool after it had been closed in December due to the termination of the contract with the concessionaire as a result of numerous breaches of contract. Until now, admission to the pool has been free.



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