British Army in Afghanistan


Hillsborough, Co. Down
November 22

What the hell is the British Army doing in Afghanistan? Is the British Army thwarting terrorism?
The Afghan combatants British soldiers engage with in Afghanistan are Afghans who resent the presence of British soldiers in their country.
They believe this foreign presence has no right to be there, as we would believe also if circumstances were reversed. What the British Army should be doing is protecting the counties of Britain from home-grown terrorists whose radicalism is fuelled by the British Army’s misadventures abroad.
Before 2001, Islamic terrorists where allowed to reside in Britain – the Londonistan affect. The ‘covenant of security’ between radical Islamists in Britain and the British security services was complacent lunacy.
Now brave British soldiers are paying with their lives because of these past-misguided policies.

Louis Shawcross

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