Search for missing cat


November 27

Would it be at all possible for me to write the following and have it printed somewhere in your newspaper. I do not mind paying for this, but for us it is like one last attempt to see if we can find out what happened to our cat.
We lost Blacky, a neutered, 4 year old male cat at the end of April of this year, in Llosa de Camacho. The year is coming to a close now and although some very kind persons think they could possibly be feeding him, we still have no proof that it is our lost cat.
Our cat is a large cat with long legs and the only distinguishing mark he has from all other black cats is that on his back left paw, virtually in between the claws, he has a tiny fleck of white fur. It is the not knowing that is so hard.
He could of course have died, or have attempted to find his way home. He could have found some loving people who are feeding him and be happy to stay where he is. He could even be in the close surrounding urbanisations of Llosa.
If anyone could give us information, it would make us so happy and if he were loved, we would not be attempting to take him away. I would just be able to sleep easier if I knew what had become of him.
If anyone knows about our cat, please contact us on 630 600 304 or drop a WhatsApp.

Charlotte Emanuel

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