La Niña de Cuenca


It’s possible that you didn’t hear my recent Wine Show on Valley FM (you can catch it here where I tasted and talked about four different wines, one of which was an excellent rosé.

I’d included the rosado because this month sees the International Rosé Wine Day, 26th June, in fact. Although I don’t need an excuse to drink rosé wine, which I love, I thought I’d like to celebrate International Rosé Wine Day with a fine rosado, whilst also brining both the Day and the wine to listeners’ attention. It’s for this reason that I’m writing today about Velvet and Stone Premium Rosé wine from Bodegas La Niña de Cuenca – but that’s not the only reason, I’ve also tasted this week their excellent white wine, Orovelo.

La Niña de Cuenca owners, Lorenzo and Valentin, are the third generation of a small family concern which has been making wines for over one hundred years. Their principle grape variety is the black, Bobal, used in their red wines, of course, but also in their rosado. Some vines are over 100 years old, planted prior to the philoxera outbreak, but which survived the attack.

NB: My Supermarket Wine of the Week will be announced tomorrow, Saturday, June 13 in the second half of the Valley Vibes programme 12 – 14:00 hrs CET

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