Fish & chips on strawberry fields


To be honest (be fair, I am, occasionally!) I thought twice about the above title of this week’s Cork Talk. Whilst I’m sure that Fish and Chips is a good all round British staple, it doesn’t really smack of gourmet dining. Plus, if that’s the case, I don’t want to denigrate by association, the very high quality winery I’m talking about today. You see, there is a link, albeit a touch tenuous.

Then I remembered that there is an on-going big promotion in the UK for pairing English Sparkling Wine, Fizz that is oft compared favourably with what the Champagne aficionados consider to the Bubbly yardstick, to be paired with exactly that dish, Fish and Chips!

Therefore, I went ahead with the title. Bodegas Les Freses, DO Alicante, doesn’t make Champagne, of course, but if that French Fizz is as outstanding as the experts tell us, then the wines of this bodega are certainly up there on a similar level.

And the Strawberry Fields? Well, as you’ll know Les Freses is Valenciano for strawberries and the bodega’s vineyards are planted on the same land in Jesús Pobre as were the strawberry plants of some years ago. The strawberry farm didn’t really work – but, dear reader, the vines certainly do!

We recently attended Bodegas Les Freses’ Wine in the Vines with Music event, which we thoroughly enjoyed. We weren’t the only ones. A rough head count during the show suggested at least 100 people – every chair taken, and therefore a great atmosphere for attendees and, importantly, the band!

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