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For some odd reason I cannot trace the article I wrote, having visited Bodegas Pérez Barquero, DO Montilla-Moriles, Andalucía. I’d like to put a link here, but I’d also like to re-read it myself. It was a fascinating visit, with some really biologically aged wines.
Recently this area of production, so long in the shadow of nearby, DO Jerez, has been coming out to play, and I’m delighted as they have so much to offer. Recently there has been a move to make what we might consider traditional wines – I’ve tasted some, a Verdejo for example, and they are worth seeking out. However, it’s the Montilla-Moriles spin on the sherry style biologically aged wines that I really love. Plus, although wine types often mention the excellent value of Sherry, their equal in Montilla-Moriles are often even more economic! Twitter @colinonwine
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