Cheeky wines from Maison Ventenac


The antithesis of orthodoxy, Maison Ventenac prefers a nonconformist approach to wine making. Having tasted a few wines in their impressive portfolio I’m all in favour (please visit‘, where you’ll see they’ve even named a wine after me!)

Stéphanie and Olivier Ramé are quoted thus in their press release:

“We decided to break away from marketing conventions which speak of everything bar the wine, flavour and vineyard sites, in favour of a more recognisable persona. We are not estate agents, but winemakers, and we are not laying a claim to aristocratic roots we don’t have, even by a long stretch of the imagination. Why would owning a chateau make us good winegrowers?”

Well, as I said in the article above that certainly piques my interest!

We are talking French wines here, as you’ve probably guessed. Most, though certainly not all of my experience is with Spanish wines as you’ll know. I’m a great believer in the wines of my adoptive home – I’ve written well over a million words about them in the last 23 years. However, I’m first and foremost a wine lover – so I’m always delighted to try wines from other countries. And let’s be honest, French wines come with a pretty good pedigree, and history.

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