A cause, or source, of great pleasure!


Quite a claim for a wine, don’t you think? Well, I’ll get on to Delit, from Bodegas Finca Collado, DO Alicante, a little later. I’m first going to talk about their white wine, Finca Collado Chardonnay/Moscatel – which certainly gave me great pleasure!
In DO Alicante there is a plethora of wines made with the Moscatel grape variety. Think white Alicante, think Moscatel. These days, most are successful, gone (more or less) are the days when Moscatel wine meant unbearably sweet white wine. Clone selection; market demand; new, young winemakers coming on-board; ethnic cuisine pairings; and some impressive pioneering work from one or two older generation wine-makers who took the risk – have all played their part.

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