Celebrity photo leak


Drop dead gorgeous actress Emma Watson is the latest victim of a celebrity hacking scandal as dozens of her private photos have been stolen and apparently leaked online. She says the images aren’t nude photographs, but show her trying on various clothes with a stylist. The star of current box office smash Beauty and the Beast is planning legal action, and I hope the cybercriminals are caught and punished severely to act as a deterrent to others. But please, if you’re a celebrity, pay attention to this important message.
Sadly, there are lots of grubby little oiks out there who can break through the toughest firewalls and security settings. And they will continue to target you. Therefore, if you have intimate pictures or videos of you engaged in bed-breaking gymnastics you’d rather the world and his wife didn’t see, don’t store them on your computer or any other device that can be hacked. Better still, don’t take them at all if your privacy matters.

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